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Today, we offer you to download our new After Effects texturing script, for free. It’s been in our boxes for one year : we developed it during the creation of this advertisement. Easy Texture enables you to simplify your texturing process for your motion graphics projects with After Effects. Its principal function is the automation of the track matte creation (and the linking of these properties with the target layer), and the importation of the texture, and many more…



Easy Texture offers you a lot of functionalities to optimize your texturing :

  • The creation or duplication of a texture for many target layers
  • An effect is applied on your layer, and enables you to rapidly modify your texture (basic transformations, opacity, hue, contrast, luminosity, saturation)
  • Textures are automatically positionned, rotated and sized, depending on the targeted layer
  • A better organization of your textures and track mattes (shy layers)
  • The actualization of your track mattes (after adding a displacement effect on your textured layer for example)
  • The creation of procedural textures with a solid and custom effects
  • Show / Hide all textures to gain in performance during your work

Easy Texture is actually in BETA testing, so don’t hesitate to communicate us the possible bugs you could meet. Tested with Windows 10 and After Effects CC 2017.




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Easy Texture functionalities



  • “SELECT” > “IMPORT” : Select your texture with “Select Texture File” and click on “APPLY” selecting your target layer(s) to apply a texture.
    • If you check the box “Use a solid as texture”, your file will be ignored and a solid will be created. Then, apply effects to your solid (texture) in the “EFFECTS” tab, which enables you to create procedural textures.
  • “SELECT” > “DUPLICATE” : Click on the “Refresh” button, and select the texture you want to duplicate in the dropdown list. Select your layer(s) to be textured and click on “Apply”.
  • “PARAMETERS” : Choose the blending mode and the track matte you want.
  • “EFFECTS” : Choose the effects you want to automatically apply on the target or the texture.
    • If the list is empty, you have to customize the effects to show in the dropdown lists in the “SETTINGS” window.
  • “SHY” enables you to permutate the shy mode of you track mattes, textures and textured layers to see clearly in your composition.
  • “SHOW / HIDE TEXTURES” enables you to hide or show your textures to gain performance or visibility in your work.
  • “ACTUALIZE” enables you to actualize the track mattes of the selected layers if a displacement effect has been applied on these layers after applying the textures.
  • “2D/3D” enables you to convert the selected layers (with their texture and track matte) in 2D or 3D layers in 1-click.
  • “DELETE” enables you to delete the textures and track mattes of the selected layers.
  • “COMPLY” enables you to convert a manually imported texture into a layer that Easy Texture can interpret.
  • “EASY TEXTURE EFFECT” : When you create a new texture with Easy Texture, an effect is applied on the targeted layer, and enables you to modify your texture simply and rapidly (transform and colorimetric changes). The checkbox “Fill track matte” enables you to ignore the track matte to visualize your texture better when placing it.


Installation & Launch

  • In the first place, copy and paste “Easy Texture.jsx” file in your scripts folder (“C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2017\Support Files\ScriptUI Panels” for After Effects CC 2017 on Windows).
  • For the first launch, scripts need to install Pseudo Effects. Very important : Launch After Effects as administrator. In “Edition > Preferences > General”, check “Allow scripts to write files and access network”.
  • In “Window” menu, Easy Texture is normally here with the other scripts. When you launch it, the script automatically install Pseudo Effects. If an error occurs, please follow the steps below.
  • Restart After Effects and Easy Texture and voila !
  • NB : When an automatic upgrade is launched at startup, an empty window appears. You have to close it an restart Easy Texture.

If an error occurs…

  • Download Pseudo Effects here.
  • Go to the installation folder of After Effects : “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2017\Support Files” for Adobe CC 2017.
  • Find “PresetEffects.xml”, copy and paste this file and rename it “PresetEffects.xml.old” for back-up.
  • Copy entirely the content of pseudoeffects.txt, and paste it at the end of the file “PresetEffects.xml”, just before the tag “</Effects>”.
  • Save and close the file. If your OS denies the saving, save it in another folder, and copy and paste it in your After Effects installation folder instead of the original file.
  • You can now restart After Effects and enjoy your new script.


If you have questions about the installation and use of these scripts, or if you have suggestions for future updates, please let us a few words in comments. We are also really curious to discover your motion graphics made with the help of our scripts, so don’t hesitate to send us a link !

Licence Creative Commons   Easy Texture developed by Numeo Production are made available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Licence – Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International.


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