After Effects Scripts #1 : Camera Controller & Follow Layers

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A few months ago, we told you we wanted the After Effects scripts we developed along our motion graphics projects to be available to anyone, for free. Back then, we presented you the beta versions of Camera Controller and Follow Layers : here come the final versions.


Remember, Camera Controller aims at making the After Effects camera easier to use. It’s a time-saving device which makes your animating of the virtual camera quicker – and, being closer to an actual camera (aperture, focal length…), the virtual camera is also more intuitive. Camera Controller even offers a wide range of new functionalities : you can target one or several layers (panoramic / tilt shot), follow one or several layers (travelling), and there’s an autofocus, and random moves and focus (wiggle) – and many other possibilities yet to discover.

Follow Layers allows you to override Camera Controller limits (targeting / tracking / autofocus on only 2 layers) by creating a null that can follow the position and the rotation of 10 layers. For example, this allows you to create a flexible generic structure. Later, if you change the position of a layer, your camera will automatically move to the new position and/or rotation.


The bugs we encountered as we worked with the older versions are fixed in the upgraded versions. Pseudo Effects will also be automatically installed – when this used to be quite painstaking before – and automatically updated through After Effects. You won’t need to download the script again and then replace it in its folder.






New scripts are almost finished already : Numeo Extruder and Easy Texture. Numeo Extruder allows you to extrude objects very easily within After Effects – you will therefore be able to enjoy all the modifiers of the software for simple 3D objects.

We have already worked with Easy Texture for several motion design projects : we aimed at making texturing easier – along with the software’s management within After Effects – and saving a lot of time by making this step much shorter.

In addition to this, we are currently writing a series of short articles about how to use complex expressions in AE, in order to save you precious time in your motion graphics works, and even to carry out tasks you couldn’t actually do manually.


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Camera Controller Functionalities

  • Focal : Focal length adjustment
  • Lens Parameters :
    • Depth of field : Enable / Disable depth of field
    • Autofocus 1 – 2 : Allows you to autofocus layers
    • Focus Transition : Animate focus distance form layer 1 to layer 2
    • Focus Offset : Focus distance adjustment / focus offset adjustement
    • Aperture : Aperture adjustment
    • Blur Multiplicator : Multiplier coefficient for blur (reduce or increase depth of field if aperture adjustement isn’t satisfactory)
    • Focus Wiggle : Wiggle Frequency (/10) and Amplitude for Focus Offset
  • Targeted Camera :
    • Targeted Layer 1 – 2 : Allows you to target layers
    • Transition Target : Animate targeting from layer 1 to layer 2  (like a panoramic shot)
    • Yaw, Pitch & Roll : Camera movements around the axis of the targeted layer (X, Y and Z axis)
  • Tracking Layer :
    • Tracking Layer 1 – 2 : Allows you to track layers
    • Transition Tracking : Animate tracking from layer 1 to layer 2 (like a travelling)
  • Camera Movement :
    • Position : Basic camera movements (or offset if tracking / targeting is activated) in X, Y and Z axis.
    • Rotation : Pan, Tilt et Z-Axis (Dutch angle) adjustments
    • Camera Shake : Wiggle Frequency (/10) and Amplitude of camera movements


Follow Layers Functionalities

  • Layers Selection : List of linked (in position and rotation) layers
  • Transition : Animate position (and rotation) to a layer from another (0-100 : Animation from layer 1 to layer 2…)
  • Auto-Orient : Automatic link between null rotation and linked layer rotation, for X, Y and Z axis

Quick tip : You can link the Z-rotation of the camera to the Z-rotation of the null to never have a Dutch angle when layers haven’t the same rotation. 

Installation & Launch

  • In the first place, copy and paste the .jsx files in your scripts folder (“C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2017\Support Files\Scripts” for After Effects CC 2017 on Windows).
  • For the first launch, scripts need to install Pseudo Effects. Very important : Launch After Effects as administrator. In “Edition > Preferences > General”, check “Allow scripts to write files and access network”.
  • In “File > Scripts”, Camera Controller and Follow Layers are normally here. When you launch them, scripts automatically install Pseudo Effects. If an error occurs, please follow the steps below.
  • Restart After Effects and voila ! To create your camera or your null, you just have to select your timeline (by clicking on any layer on your composition), and to launch the script. 
  • To launch more easily your scripts, we highly advice you to install the excellent ScriptLauncher developed by redefinery.

Thanks to Duduf for its help on pseudo effects automatic installation !

If an error occurs…

  • Download Pseudo Effects here.
  • Go to the installation folder of After Effects : “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2017\Support Files” for Adobe CC 2017.
  • Find “PresetEffects.xml”, copy and paste this file and rename it “PresetEffects.xml.old” for back-up.
  • Copy entirely the content of pseudoeffects.txt, and paste it at the end of the file “PresetEffects.xml”, just before the tag “</Effects>”.
  • Save and close the file. If your OS denies the saving, save it in another folder, and copy and paste it in your After Effects installation folder instead of the original file.
  • You can now restart After Effects and enjoy your two new scripts.


If you have questions about the installation and use of these scripts, or if you have suggestions for future updates, please let us a few words in comments. We are also really curious to discover your motion graphics made with the help of our scripts, so don’t hesitate to send us a link !


Licence Creative Commons   Camera Controller and Follow Layers developed by Numeo Production are made available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Licence – Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International.



This is a fantastic script and a 5 STARS idea. How much it cost to buy his script or it is free?
Would you have any tutorial or print screen on how to install it After Effects because I am new to A/E
would be very helpful.
Thank you.

Hi Mick,
Thank you for your comment. We’ve sent you an email, you can find all installation instructions at the bottom of this page.
Good continuation,

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